Guidelines on Everything about Butcher Knives


Knives are cutting tools used by the chef to prepare ingredients used in cooking. These cutting tools exist in different designs, shapes, sizes, and types. This difference allows the knife to produce perfect and excellent results from the ingredients, thereby contributing to the taste and quality of the meal produced. There are generally two classes of knives, and they are:

  • General-Purpose Knives: These knives are used for any and every cutting task in the kitchen. They do not produce perfect results when used to cut certain ingredients, but they are satisfactory and good. These knives can also be called substitute knives because they are used in the absence of Specific-Purpose knives for some jobs.
  • Specific-Purpose Knives: These knives are used for specific functions. They cannot be used for cutting all ingredients in the kitchen because they are not designed to work on all ingredients.

This article focuses on a Specific-Purpose knife, the Butcher knife. It also contains all you need to know about the butcher knife.

What is The Butcher Knife?

The Butcher knife is a Specific-Purpose knife used in cutting and dressing meat or fish. There are various designs of the butcher knife, but all designs feature a thin, straight-edged blade that enables the knife to pierce through the meat. The best Butcher knives can be found on imarku

Materials Used In Making Butcher Knives

There are three materials used in making butcher knives. They are:

  1. Stainless steel blade
  2. Carbonated Steel blade
  3. Ceramic blade

Types Of Butcher Knives

Butcher knives exist in various types because although they are generally used in preparing meat, they are used to perform different tasks when preparing meat. The types of Butcher Knives are:

  1. Cleaver Knife: This butcher knife is used for cutting a large portion of meat. It is also used in cutting meat containing bone. This blade features a big, thick, and heavy rectangular blade. These blade characteristics allow the chef to cut through large meat and break bones of meat effortlessly.
  1. Carving Knife: As the name implies, this knife is used to carve meat from bone or skin from the meat. It features a long, slim knife with a blade tapered to the tip. This knife can also be classified as a general-purpose knife because it is used as a substitute knife when preparing fruits.
  1. Boning Knife: This knife is used for cutting bone joints and cartilages of meat. It features a slim sharp-edged blade that is tapered upwards. It is light for easy use when preparing meat.

Caring For A Butcher Knife

Certain precautions are taken to keep the butcher knife sharp and fully functional. These steps also ensure that the kitchen is safe. They are:

  1. Store the Butcher knife properly: The butcher knife is stored using a knife rack, magnetic bar, or drawer. This ensures the knife stays sharp and prevents rusting.
  1. Cleaning the Butcher Knife: After using the butcher knife, rinse the knife in running water and then dry with a dry and clean piece of clothing or napkin. Do not air-dry the knife’s blade.
  1. Sharpening the knife: If the butcher knife is used regularly, ensure to sharpen it once or twice a week if the knife is sparsely used, sharpened the knife at least once a month.


In general, butcher knives are used to prepare meat, and this article guides the different types and care of butcher knives.

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