Simple Ways to Wear your Flannel Shirts


Flannel shirts are comfortable pieces of clothing that can go with everything. Do you want to put up the feminine, punk, or even basic look? Flannel shirts such as the ones you will get there can help you achieve that.

Once i)n a while, you need to break away from wearing your flannel shirt with a basic legging and boot. Why not try something different? That way, you can make your dressing look easier, yet more fun!

Below, you will find out trendier ways to pair your flannel shirts and appear less boring. Let’s see them!

Top ways to style your flannel shirts

1. Knot it

Flannels aren’t just there to provide your body with warmth. Once in a while, turn it into an outing top. The beautiful thing is that you can achieve this style in a matter of seconds. You can roll your sleeves up if you’re feeling super creative.

2. Pair with statement pants

Flannel shirts are often easy to match with anything. thats because they have several colors packed into their tiny checks. So, you can simply decide to wear yours over matching pants.

3. Layering

This is the best way to style your flannel in the fall weather. You can buy a medium-weight flannel and layer it over a singlet or tank top. Pair with leggings, and you will have the perfect casual wear. This combination is also suitable for work sessions.

4. A white T-shirt and Jeans

Are you tired of wearing your moto jacket every time? You can switch by throwing on an unbuttoned flannel over a white tee.

For this look, you can wear skinny jeans and accessorize a pair of ear studs.

5. With Khaki Pants

You probably never thought of the possibility of pairing khaki pants with anything and still look cool in them.

Here, you should get your bucket hat or any of the hyped-up clothing items like your sneakers and yeah, your flannels (it should match every other thing you are wearing).

6. With Knee Boots

You need to stop wearing leggings at this point and try pairing your oversized flannels with sexy knee boots. For extra coverage, you can throw on some bikers shorts.

7. Tie around your waist

You can achieve this in one second. This style can turn your little bodycon dress into a 90s sensation. A high-top converse will complete this look for you.

8. A crop top and a mini skirt

Have you been wanting to appear ultra-sexy in the simplest form? This can be what you’ve been waiting for. You cannot go wrong with a simple mini skirt and a fancy crop top.

9. A fringe jacket

You can do this with your dad, boyfriend, or brother’s flannels, but add a little style to it.

Final Thoughts

Next time you’re faced with an old flannel shirt, you don’t need to bother or worry about what you can do with it. Trying out any of the styles listed above can help to boost your confidence and let you walk with your head and shoulders high anywhere you step into.

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