The Merits And Demerits Of Virgin Hair Wigs


Today, the popularity of hairpieces is on the increase, and this is because hairpieces are good alternatives to hair extensions and it has a wide variety of use cases. Most modern wigs contain bundles with closure, and a few of their uses include:

  • For corrective purposes: Hairpieces are highly recommended for individuals suffering from hair loss. They are worn to cover up lost hair, thereby correcting the deficiency.
  • For Fashion: Hairpieces are great fashion accessories. It allows individuals to wear different looks and styles without having to compromise their natural hair.

Hairpieces come in different types, shapes, sizes, and designs. A type that is of great interest is the Virgin Hair Wig. Virgin Hair Wigs are chemically unprocessed human hair, also called Pure Virgin Hair. These wigs are one of the most sought hairpiece designs because of their unique features. This article highlights the pros and cons of Virgin Hair Wigs to aid your choice of a hairpiece design.

The Pros And Cons Of Virgin Hair Wigs


  1. Possesses a natural and realistic look and feel: For most lovers of hairpieces, one quality they look for is the ability to blend with their hair. A virgin Hair Wig possesses the attribute of giving its user a natural, realistic, and attractive appearance that It is hard to distinguish the user’s real hair from the wig, especially for the untrained eyes.
  2. Comfort: The quality of this hairpiece means that it ensures comfort for its use, as this is an essential attribute for any good and quality hairpiece. This wig is designed to make its users no less comfortable wearing it than they would in their natural hair.
  3. Durability: This quality is unique to this type of hairpiece. The absence of any chemical in processing these wigs allows it to retain natural hairs’ original texture and strength. This results in the wigs having a healthy and long lifespan.
  4. Can be Customized: As it was stated earlier that these wigs are chemically unprocessed. This fact means that they retain equal qualities with natural human hair. Like how human hair can be styled to take different designs and colors, virgin hair wigs can also be styled into different shapes, designs, and colors.
  5. Simple to maintain: Virgin hair wigs are simple to maintain. It requires easy and simple hair treatment methods like washing, drying, and brushing to keep it clean at all times.


  1. Expensive: One quality of Virgin hair wigs is that they are expensive. This is because the raw material used in producing the wigs is difficult to come by because they are mostly donated from temples during a particular period.
  2. Bulky: Although it gives a realistic look to its users, the bulky factor is dependent on the style and design of the virgin hair wig. Some styles are designed to have a bulky look and texture. If this is a problem for the user, it can be resolved by plucking out some of the hair along the hairline to reduce the bulkiness.


Virgin Hair Wigs are great and ideal hairpieces for any user, and their qualities are stated above to aid your choice when acquiring this hairpiece.

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