What Does Microblading Pen Do?


It is no longer news that the semi-permanent remedy to thickening up overplucked, infrequent, or inconsequential brows has emerged in the last three years or more: microblading. For this treatment, a cosmetic tattooist uses a microblading pen to make tiny incisions in the skin filled with melanin.

Even if you like to let your brows grow out to their greatest extent, you can still opt for this treatment to achieve a bolder and fuller look. 

With microblading, the number of brow treatments and methodologies is virtually limitless, with shading, micro-waxing, and eyebrow matting becoming prevalent in the lead up to the lockout. This article will teach you top essential things you should know about this brow treatment. So, ensure to read to the end.

Microblading Pen Methodology  

There are many ways to achieve flawlessly preened arches, and using a good microblading pen ranks among the to options to consider. Moreover, you do not have to worry about incisions when you opt for the method. This is good news for people who do not feel very comfortable about incisions.   

Also, in contrast to similar products, Microblading pens are designed to be extremely precise. They have a more transparent formula than pomades and pencils, making it easier to achieve natural-looking hair strokes. To accomplish a fluffy brow, a professional can use the pointed tips to place hairs precisely where needed. 

Although their strokes which are often hair-like give the impression of more defined and fuller arches for only a few days, the pens are still considered to be quite valuable. Pending when you are able get back to your professional cosmetic tattooist for a more permanent fix, you can use them to freshen up for your next Video conference quickly. For those who have never had microblading done before, this is a great way to please your curiosity about the methodology. 

How to Use the Microblading Pen

Choosing the right color is the first step. When creating a more natural-looking brow, you need to select the right shade. Use a lighter brow pen to attach a layer of complexity and roundness without making the brow appear darker than the natural brow hairs.

Once you’ve found your right color, draw horizontal lines from the inner brow and taper towards the tail. When you get to the brow’s arch, instead of drawing lines upwards, draw them downwards instead. Although they design these products to produce slender lines, we still advise using a light hand. 

Make sure you leave a gap between your strokes to give your brows the appearance of fullness rather than filling them in. Some experts recommend using a spooley to brush your brows if you want a perfectly blended look. 

It is now time to narrow down your microblading pen options based on personal preference for the applicator. Ensure to go for quality products from we’ll known and trusted brands when doing this. Also, it would be best if you opt for an option that you are comfortable with.


Microblading pens are becoming more popular among make-up enthusiasts today, thanks to their usefulness and other benefits. This article has discussed top things you should know about the product.

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