Significant factors to consider for the injection molding process


The plastic injection molding process is a mode of mass production of items made of plastic. It is the perfect technique for manufacturing plastic items repeatedly in succession. The primary advantage of the process is that it effortlessly fosters large scale production. The objects made under injection molding are similar in every sense as the process generally repeats itself. The manufacturing process is also extremely low, and it continues to reduce as more items are produced.

Another advantage of injection molding is that it provides finished products. This means that they do not have to go through another process of production other than assembling. It is important to note that production using injection molding is not suitable for whole items but parts. In this post, we discuss some significant factors to consider when producing items through injection molding.

The important aspect for consideration in injection molding

  • Finances

While injection molding is one of the most cost-efficient modes of mass production, the initial cost of preparing a product for the process is relatively high. This is a fact that most people do not understand before going into the process. Another factor that determines the cost of injection molding is the number of parts that are to be produced.

If you are looking to build a few pieces, injection molding is an expensive option. However, you can cut costs with injection molding if you plan on mass production. The cost of design, posting, marketing, as well as distribution, also affects the value of the process.

  • Design

The process is also greatly affected by the design of the parts and the tool as a whole. It is easier to use the method for models that were created while keeping in mind the concept of injection molding. This helps with the simplification of the geometric aspects and number of parts. Therefore, it leads to a reduction in the cost and constraints involved. It is also imperative that the mold design is precise and does not cause any defects. It is easier to make molds for simple designs without flaws than for complicated designs.

  • Production

One of the main factors to consider regarding the production is the cycle time. The cycle time is the amount of time that it takes to complete the creation of a single part. The cycle time affects the amount of production and the time that it would take to achieve full production. Small changes in the design and technology significantly affect production time hence the amount of money spent.

The amount of assembly required to put together all the parts is influenced by the design and number of pieces. The amount of time and work needed for assembly affects the cost of production, price, and quantity of labor, rate, and quality of production.


There are several types of injection molding based on the products that are produced. For instance, plastic injection molding is a type that uses plastic as the raw material for making the parts and products. The process is used, especially in making toys.

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