Why Huawei Camera Kit Is Among the Best


Unlike most camera APIs, the Huawei camera kit delivers the full capacity of the phone camera to the apps. As you know, most social media apps have certain camera features, yet their output is worse than even the quality of the phone. For instance, if your camera has x50 zoom support or excellent night mode, but these features do not matter when taking a picture from a third-party camera API.

The Huawei Camera Kit SDK¬†offers advanced programming APIs that you can integrate excellent imaging processing capabilities of the phone camera into the apps. Some of the camera’s features you can integrate are Super Night Mode, HDR, background blur, and Portrait mode, and wide aperture that helps users to take vivid videos and stunning images anywhere and anytime.

Huawei Camera Kit Features

Front Camera HDR

In low-light environment or backlit, the front camera HDR improves details in both the poorly-lit and well-lit areas of the photo to provide life-like qualities.

Wide Aperture

This mode helps highlight details in a photo and blurs the background. It is advisable to be at least 2 meters of the object when shooting a photo. Also, you should disable the flash.

Super Night Mode

You can use this mode when taking photos with adequate brightness by using extended exposure at night. Moreover, it can help you take photos exposed in dark environments.


The good thing about this mode is that it helps you to record the HD videos with various effects such as filters, AI film, and different colors. Some of the effects include video background blurring and video HDR.

Photo Mode

The mode supports general capabilities such as rear camera and front camera. For the real camera, it supports color modes, filters, master AI, and smile detection. For the front camera it supports mirror reflection, Sensor HDR, and filter.

Pro Mode Video

This mode is meant to offer professional recording capabilities and photography of the phone camera to apps. In this way, it can suit different shooting needs.

Pro Mode Photo

With this mode, you can adjust the camera parameters to get the same shooting capabilities as those of Huawei camera. Some of the parameters you can use include ISO, metering mode, exposure duration, exposure compensation, automatic white balance, and focus mode.


The mode helps record the videos with various effects that include colors, AI film, and filters. Others include background blurring for video and HDR.

Slow Motion Recording

With this mode, you can record slow-motion videos that have a frame rate of less than 960 FPS. Also, there is a super slow-motion mode that can be used in both automatic and manual motion detection modes.

To use the camera kit, you must be a registered Huawei developer. Ideally, you should have Huawei ID and agree to the developer SDK service agreement. The good thing about this camera kit is that it allows you to utilize the capacity of the phone camera. Equally, it has great outputs, and its ML exists on the front and rear camera. However, you can only use it with the Huawei device.

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