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PDF files are gradually becoming the benchmark for creating and sharing files in the formal setting. When it comes to documentation, you can create your word file and subsequently convert it to PDF format. PDF stands for portable document format, and it is this portability that endears the format to many people.

There are lots of operations that can be carried out on the PDF format, but many of these operations are alien to people. For example, you can edit scanned PDFs on MAC OS without converting it back to Word format. This article takes you through some of the basic operations you can seamlessly carry out using your favorite PDF editor. highlights some of the qualities of the reviewed pdf editors.

Add comments and Notes.

You remember a specific comment you should have added to your document before converting your word file. The traditional way of adding this comment might have required you to convert the file back to Word format. Now, you can use PDF editing files to add such comments in no time. All you need do is to highlight the section of the document you want the note added and right-click. As soon as you right-click that section, a comment box pops up to add the necessary comments on that section.

Copy texts from PDF

If you’ve ever had an assignment that urgently required you to use multiple sources, you’d appreciate the importance of this feature. The traditional PDF viewers make copying of texts from PDF quite complicated. Often, the fonts and size of the copied words are altered annoyingly. Powerful PDF editors like PDFPen and PDF experts allow you to copy from one PDF to another seamlessly.

Add multiple signatures to PDF.

As difficult as it is to believe, there are PDF editors that allow you to add multiple signatures to PDF. There are several ways to do this, and your choice could be determined by the resources available to you.

Snap and Scan: To use this method effectively, you’d need to sign on a blank paper and snap it with a camera. The signature must be clear and bold as these qualities influence the result. Often, it is advised to use a black pen with thick ink to create your signature.

Trackpad: This other option is more direct and is often the most preferred of the two options. To get the best result, you have to position your finger on the trackpad and swipe to create your signature.

Create shapes

You should also know that you can use PDF editors to create shapes for highlighting sections of the document. There are a variety of shapes made available in the menu area for this purpose. When you select a shape, you can drag it to whichever area you want to position it.

Final Thought

Many people do not know the full capabilities of their PDF editors, resulting in a lack of optimization. PDF editors like PDFpen and PDF experts allow you to perform various operations that generally seem impossible.  

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