Security Measures to Protect Servers


As you know, data is an important asset for your organization. Business strategies, financial information, and personal information are stored in your server. Unfortunately, a potential breach is quite serious. You need to take the right steps to enhance server security. These are some suggestions to help you.

Know Threats Exist

Before you get in, it is crucial to know the data you should protect. You do not want to start taking protective measures without knowing what you are protecting. That is a sign of poor investment. You do not want to waste money that can help improve your business. The common server attacks include crimes of opportunity, determined attacks, and crimes of convenience.

Crimes opportunities include common theft, ransomware, and phishing. Most people believe that this is a digital security problem, but it is not. Criminals can interact with your physical server and use it to bypass digital security measures.

Safeguard Your Data Center

You can prevent crimes of opportunity inside a data center with manned presence, keyed access points, and tall fencing. It is a good idea to have a person manning the data center. The security personnel can check things that are suspicious and investigating potential issues, doing checks, sweeps, and keeping areas clean.

Visible Deterrents

This is a great way of preventing crimes of opportunity. You can use signs and video surveillance and put a notice that the area is under CCTV coverage. Also, you can have a well-lit area and fence or a server rack. Although most people are trustworthy, when an opportunity presents itself, they will take it. You can place signaling and cameras to help you reduce what they consider to be an opportunity.

Physical Additions

You can place the physical barriers on the point of access to the servers. For example, you can place automatic door closing systems, enclosed racks, and biometric two-point authentication. The good thing about enclosed racks is that they keep your servers organized and protected. You can get the racks that are fully assembled from your Server Cabinet Manufacturer. Therefore, you just need to roll them into place and begin using them instantly.

Separate Data Backup System

You need to ensures that your primary server and data backup server cannot be accessed through the same network. Ideally, you cannot have your backup data and primary data on the same site. Also, cloud backup may not always be a solution. Considering the impact of data loss or downtime on your business, the cloud comes with a share of challenges, and it is difficult to retrieve data. Also, it can cost you a lot of money. You should consider how quickly you can restore your data. The best option is to keep a local copy somewhere.

Although there are several security measures you can employ, if there is a determined attack, you ought to consider how you can respond. Do you have the right systems in place if something unexpected happens? How quickly can you respond? It is advisable to keep checking your space and determining when a problem happens and respond to it.

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