Five Merits of LED Displays You Should Know


A LED (light-emitting diode) display is a technology that uses a flat panel, whereby an array of LEDs are activated to display numbers or letters. The display is usually made up of red, blue, and green colored LEDs, which form a fixed pattern. The colors create a pixel, which, when adjusted, includes many other colors that form an image. LED displays are used for advertisement or passing across important information on buildings and cars like the taxi top LED display and many others. In this extract, we look at the merits of LED displays.

Merits of LED displays

1. Increased brightness

LEDs have become popular over time due to the amount of light they give off. Traditional light sources like fluorescent tend to flicker with age and fade, forcing you to replace them often. The bright light grabs one’s attention, and you are more likely to take in the message being passed across, unlike traditional displays that use regular light bulbs.

2. Flexibility

The displays are versatile and can be customized in any form to have the necessary impact. You can customize the panel’s message to appear how you want or have multiple messages simultaneously to fit your needs. The words can run from top to bottom or horizontally, depending on your preference. This is a unique feature specific to LED displays since it’s impossible to add a personal touch on other lighting systems.

3. Highly Durable

LEDs are made of plastic elements that are environmentally friendly and damage resistant. They function well outdoors; whether it’s raining, snowing, cold, hot, no harm is experienced. They are waterproof and also dustproof. The typical lighting system, such as incandescent lights, is made of glass whose layer is thin and easy to break. Their life span is between 4000-3500 hours while that of LED display is up to 100000 hours. The cost of maintenance is low as they do not require frequent changes or fixing. It makes the displays an ideal choice for many advertisers worldwide.

4. Energy Saving

As much as the light-emitting diodes are known for their bright light, it’s safe to say they consume less energy compared to other lights. They produce less heat and are perfect for advertisements. Displayed adverts need to be seen often; hence the LED display system should be on most of the time. The fact that low power is consumed makes it convenient to keep it running and reduces the costs of powering it. Lights such as neon require almost four times the amount of energy needed for LEDs.

5. Easy to Install

Once you identify a location or position, installing the display is simple and takes less time. The modularity of the display is what makes the installation process easy. It is cheaper to install outdoor LED displays than the traditional billboard; that’s why more people are leaning towards this technology.

Bottom Line

The LED display system is slowly taking over, especially in the advertisement sector. It is widely used because of its good quality and thin size, which is convenient for anyone. More manufacturers are developing the displays, making the prices go lower and becoming affordable for most consumers.

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