What to Look for in the Best Candle


When it comes to buying the best candle, you have to understand that there are many things to consider. With different wicks, fragrances, and waxes, it can be challenging to determine the right candle for you. You have every reason to consider the candle you purchase. For instance, you need to worry about sparking, smoking, and uneven burning when using a candle. These are the critical things to consider.


This is an important thing you should pay attention to. You should note that most candles you find on the market are made of paraffin wax. This is sourced from petroleum oil. The good thing about paraffin wax is that it is easy to use and affordable. Although it may not be eco-friendly, it is readily available.

You can also use soy wax. This is also a good choice as it is eco-friendly. You may also like the fact that it burns slowly, produces less smoke and soot. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite fragrances for an extended period. Moreover, its uniform burning means the fragrances you enjoy are purer and stronger.

The Wick

There is a need to consider the candle wick type. That is because it has an impact on how the candle burns and the amount of soot and smoke it produces. In the past, wicks contain lead, which was found to be poisonous.

Wicks are made of cotton with tin, zinc, cotton, and paper. You should consider cotton wicks as they are the best if you want to prevent smoke, flaring, and soot. The tin and zinc cores are also safe to use but can result in high-temperature burning. In fact, this can make the candles burn quickly and even create unsafe flames.

The right candles have a wick of appropriate size for your candle. It is easier to determine whether your wick is good by observing how it burns. Ideally, a good wick should burn uniformly and create a pool of liquid.


The scent of your candle does matter. There are different things you should consider to ensure you get the perfect scent. For instance, you have to consider different things fragrances are made of. If you have used fragrances, then you know the many misconceptions surrounding them. Whether they are natural or synthetic, you have to understand everything you see and touch is a chemical. You have probably heard about chemical-free fragrances; this is a huge lie.

Instead, the most important to consider is the toxicity level of a fragrance. In fact, both natural and synthetic fragrances are toxic. Fortunately, there are not many fragrances in candles that can cause harm. Many candle making companies combine both synthetic and natural fragrance oils. This is necessary to give the complexity and depth the fragrances need. Thus, you can be assured of candles with consistent fragrance.

You may also need to consider using essential oils that are obtained from plants. These are considered to be safe and harmless to use. However, they are expensive to buy and not readily available.

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