How to make your video trend on YouTube


Aside from buying followers on, there are other guaranteed ways to get your YouTube video content to trend on YouTube. However, you must understand that you can’t achieve this through luck. Instead, you need to have a solid content plan followed by a strategy To help your video to trend. With this, you get to build your audience, engagement, brand reputation, and even monetize your channel. Stick to this guide to find out other ways of making your YouTube video trend.

Ways to make your YouTube video to trend

You must understand that there are certain factors that Google considers before letting your video gain the recognition that you want. Adherence to these factors gives you a higher chance of trending better. These factors include:

1. Length of video:

The YouTube algorithm takes note of longer video better than it does the shorter ones. This because the longer the video content is, the longer a viewer stays glued to your channel especially if it’s interesting content.

2. Consistency of your channel:

If you have more than one video on your channel and you’ve remained consistent over the months, you have a better chance of getting promoted by YouTube. That means, if one of your YouTube videos starts to trend, some viewers may decide to click on your name and view other content. So yes, consistency matters.

What you can do;

Here’s what you can do to ensure that your video gets to youtube and Google’s front page against all odds;

1. Focus on long-form videos

Since long-form videos are part of the criteria for trending, always make sure that you focus on creating them. You can decide to keep it at a minimum of 8 – 10 minutes long. This helps to boost the duration of the views on your YouTube video.

Before taking this step, however, avoid talking about a boring topic; focus on engaging content that’s able to give a viewer the desired information or inspiration that they need.

2. Video promotion

Your YouTube videos should be promoted in the first 3 days that you released it. The ultimate goal should be to let a lot of people see the content in 48 or 72 hours after it’s upload. You can promote using your website, blog, social media platforms, or YouTube video ads. Just ensure that lots of people have viewed the content before focusing on your target audience.

3. Portray your Brand’s Image

This is your channel and you wouldn’t want to gamble with your brand’s image. Ensure that every YouTube video you’re uploading talks directly to your ideal audience. Simply put, ensure that you maintain consistency as much as you can. This will enable Google to always suggest your channel whenever a search related to your content comes up.


Marketing through YouTube videos involves a lot of strategies. When you remain consistent, it would be hard to erase your marks in the minds of your audience. Always maintain thumbnails, meta descriptions and also create engaging content to enable more views on your channel.

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