Facts You Never Knew About a Realtime GPS Tracker


What is a Realtime GPS tracker? It is an active tracker that allows you to track and monitor the location and status of your vehicle, motorcycle, bus, and sometimes people at a given time. The Realtime GPS tracker sends you location data once you subscribe to receive the updates.

GPS satellites send location data from the GPS locator in intervals, ranging from seconds to hours. This information is interpreted and sent to the installed GPS tracker that is installed in your vehicle. You will get real-time updates concerning the relevant location data to your phone, laptop, or computer through this coordination.

Why is a Realtime GPS tracker important

Realtime GPS tracker serves both individual and company needs. The trackers may help you to track the whereabouts of your family and loved ones in real-time. In this case, you may release them and remain without any worry because your Realtime GPS tracker will send instantaneous alerts of their locations to you. So, you would respond in time when your attention is needed.

On the other hand, companies may also keep track of their vehicles’ locations as they move and expect them to arrive at the required destination. While on the move, the company may retrieve actual vehicle or driver information such as driver behavior quickly. Thus, the available information may help the company make important decisions about its fleet of vehicles.

How do you know your GPS tracker works Realtime?

The time taken between an event and the reporting is the primary feature that makes a Realtime GPS tracker different. Suppose you need to receive instant and continuous location data about your family member or loved one. In that case, you could think of getting a Realtime GPS tracker to assist you.

Similarly, for companies that want to receive continuous and instantaneous data about their fleet of drivers, a Realtime GPS tracker would be a great idea. Apart from providing the location data, the company may receive other vital data concerning the driver and fleet at large.

Most importantly, a Realtime GPS tracker will provide additional services such as geofencing. Geofencing ensures the driver maintains a predefined route. Whenever the vehicle exits the geofence, an alert would be sent to the subscriber’s smartphone. The driver would therefore maintain a given way to the destination.

What are the benefits of a Realtime GPS tracker?

Using a Realtime GPS tracker allows quick decision-making because of the short time GPS information takes to reach the subscriber of the tracker. Some GPS trackers take as short as fifteen seconds to refresh and provide new location information. In contrast, others may take as long as five minutes to do the same.

The type of Realtime GPS tracker determines the amount of time it will take for you to receive the real-time information. Either way, both types of GPS trackers will have similar benefits, for example, assurance of the drivers’ safety, reduced labor costs, increased productivity, and improved customer service.

What type of information should you expect from a Realtime GPS tracker?

A Realtime GPS tracker provides different types of information regardless of whether you are managing a fleet of vehicles or have only one car to monitor. Through the tracker, you will receive information such as the routes and distance covered by the vehicle, idle time, geofencing information, engine stops, idle time, and alarm notifications, to mention a few.

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