Fanny pouches: How did they come to be?


Fanny pouches are one of the wonders of the fashion world, but sadly, they are very underrated. For those who don’t know what fanny pouches are, not to worry! This article has got you covered. It will not only teach you about fanny pouches but also give you a detailed history.

A fanny pouch is made from fabric. It is worn on the body just like how belts are worn, except that the style is versatile and more comfortable. It includes a strap (with a buckle) that helps it to be secured around the waist.

The buckle consists of a tri-glide slide that allows the user to make adjustments easily so that the pouch can sit properly. Fanny pouches are also known as waist pouches or purses.

Now, you may be wondering, how did fanny pouches come to be?

Want to find out the history of fanny pouches? Keep reading.

How did fanny pouches come to be?

Fanny pouches didn’t emanate from thin air. It has been around for sometime before it looked like it became outdated and unstylish.

In last decades, protection was paramount. People placed fanny pouches in front of their body to protect themselves against bandits or robbers. Bags that had belts were also used by different cultures for protection.

However, people began to notice the emergence of fanny pouches in native America. Rather than sewing holes into their clothes, they used buffalo pouches instead. They either wore it on the wrist or placed it in front of their chests via a lanyard or neck strap.

A certain man named Otzi lived between 3400-3100 BC. He was popular amongst the natives for always wearing pouches. Soon after, Europeans began to wear fanny pouches in the middle ages until pockets sewn into trousers became a norm.

A popular example of a fanny pouch used in ancient times was the Spanish Sporran. It was popular because people felt it was more useful than pockets with kilts.

Years down the line, fanny pouches emerge in the growing 1980s fashion world and took the industry by storm. There was hardly any teenager or young adult who wasn’t seen with a fanny pouch. It was used at concert events, festivals, to run basic domestic errands, to get stuff at the grocery store, or to simply hang out with friends. The popularity of fanny pouches was fueled by television shows and movies in the 1980s and 1990s.

Then, in the early 2000s, the fanny pouch trend began to slowly decline as newer fashion trends emerged.

However, in 2012, lots of designers tried to bring fanny pouches in the fashion spectrum against, so they designed fashionable, elegant, and expensive pouches for as high as $1995. It could hold essential items like cell phones, keys, wallets, IDs, contact lenses, first aid equipment, etc.

Some even came with water bottle slots.

In 2018, it was reported that fanny pouches were back in style, as top designer fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada introduced their special variants. They made it in such a way that it can be worn on the body, not just the waist, and several celebrities promoted them.

Fanny packs are currently trending. The great thing about them is that they don’t have to be carried on the shoulder like handbags, thus, giving you freedom while keeping your essentials close to you.

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