How To Use The Document Camera In The Classroom


The advancement in technology has changed how the learning process happens. Such improvements can be through the development of document cameras. The document camera for the classroom allows for learning to be more effective. There are various ways to use the document camera to make the learning experience fun and enjoyable. This post will update you on seven different ways to use the document camera in the classroom.

Seven ways to use the document camera in the classroom

1. Review tests and quizzes

Teachers may use the document camera to review students’ handwritten tests and assignments and pop quizzes at any moment they wish. The use of the document camera in studying tests has made teacher’s work easier and faster.

2. Display math problems

Math educators can utilize document cameras to demonstrate math problems for the whole classroom to see. The document camera acts as a whiteboard that allows the teacher to display steps necessary in solving mathematical problems. Furthermore, the document camera can be used to teach learners basic mathematical principles such as recognizing patterns, arithmetic, and counting. It can also be used to display models that students can copy before creating their own.

3. Share handwritten notes

Teachers can use the document camera to share their handwritten notes with the students. They can also use it to show how the latest calculator is used. In addition, those educators using digital notes can freely include other pages without needing to delete notes written on the blackboard or whiteboard.

4. Use in science labs to demonstrate tests done

Educators can use the document camera in the science lab to clearly display dissections, view of rock striation, view of flower petals, and so many other experiments. Also, science teachers can easily document the procedure for the coming lab class or take photos of frogs to demonstrate their parts.

5. Write and read along with learners

Even technology is present in today’s classroom, the use of printed materials still applies. The document camera can follow along in learners reading books aloud, showing text in a handbook, or dissecting graphs, charts, or maps. For younger student’s it can help create a lively environment during storytelling time, especially with a critical focus on the pictures.

6. Show learners how to use technology

Technology is constantly changing; therefore, teaching students how to use the latest advancements in technology will encourage them to learn and grow in their education. An example can be in the math classes. The document camera can be used to show how tablets work or how the advanced calculator works. Also, the educators can demonstrate how the document camera works, keeping students in touch with modern technologies.

7. Virtual understanding

The use of a document camera in the classroom allows students to understand well virtually in addition to the verbal means. Furthermore, the use of both oral and virtual ways of teaching makes the classroom more engaging.


The use of document cameras in the classroom has revolutionized how learning happens. It has enabled each student to have a better learning experience while at the same time making it easier for teachers to teach easily. In addition, the document camera allows for teaching to happen across all disciplines.

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