Reasons why LED Parking Lot Lights are the Best


If you are thinking about ways to lighten up your parking lot, worry no more because this article will share instrumental insight regarding how to light your parking lot. That said, having an organized parking lot with great lights is not only essential to your safety but also your car’s security. When it comes to the application of the parking lot lights, you are guaranteed a great light that saves energy and money.

LED Parking Lot Light

LED parking lot lights are built using a light-emitting diode technology. These lights provide a good quality of light and save energy. They can also be used in sports and open grounds for a great area viewing.

Advantages of Using LED Parking Lot Light

1. The Quality of Light

The light emitted is not only good for the eyes but also has no flicker. They may be bright for area viewing but does not affect the eyes.

2. General Safety

LED parking lot lights are essential in all areas. A good view of a site will give you safety when driving, cycling, or walking. Criminals will also be afraid to get into such an area because they will feel watched.

3. Presentation

For public areas, when LED lights are well-arranged on pavements, the outcome is glamorous. You will not only enjoy your walk or driving your car but also having an incredible outdoor moment.

4. The Cost

When it comes to LED lights, you will always save for every purchase you make because their cost is relatively lower than other lights.

5. Saves Energy

LED parking lot lights save you energy. Saving energy is essential for your pocket and the love of our planet.

6. Low Maintenance Cost

Imagine buying a product that gives you up to 20 years of service without any replacements! Isn’t this an amazing product? With this product, you don’t have to change ballasts or swap bulbs.

7. Flexibility

The flexibility of LED lights allows you to adjust to your settings. You can decrease the light to save even more energy and protect the environment from pollution.

How to Design a Great Parking Lot Light?

Designing a great LED parking lot of light will depend on the following factors.

  • The pattern of light. You can use a suitable light pattern that will keep your packing unique.
  • Apart from a distance between poles, you need to know how high your poles should be in the air.
  • With so many LED lights varietiesproviding different lumens, you have to choose the best depending on the coverage area.
  • Cross-over Lighting. You should ensure that your light comes from different directions for shadow decrease and lightning balance.

Features of LED Parking Lot Lights

LED parking lot lights come with the following.

  • Mounts – represents how the light will secure on the pole.
  • Dusk to dawn sensor – turns the light off during the day.

Best Kevin Color for LED Parking Lot Lights

Every area has the best color recommendation. For houses and eateries, you can go with white and warm themes. Natural white is best for commercial and large outdoor areas. You can use blueish color for areas that need recognition like filling stations.

Different Ways of Mounting Your LED Parking Lot Lights

  • Flood Mount
  • Arm Mount
  • Slip Fit Mount
  • Yoke Mount

Final Thoughts

How do you know the best-LED light? When buying your LED lights, you should always focus on the brightness of the light emitted. The brighter the light, the better the view. The good thing about LED lights is that no matter how bright they are, they will always save energy.

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