Why katana has not lost its fame?


The katana was a brilliantly crafted weapon in the history of Japan. The weapon was originally intended to slice through an enemy as fast as possible. It was enough to cleave a man into two halves. It was a mark of honor and distinction in the Japanese culture because only the ruling class was allowed to carry the sword. If you have a craze for katana and other Japanese swords, follow the link: https://www.samuraiswordsmith.com/ .

Some facts about katana

A katana is a brilliant sword. The original purpose of the sword is to cut, slice and shear as well. If the opponent is unarmored, the katana can deliver a gruesome cut. However, there is a drawback that it is not that good against tough things. Katana’s blade is thick and it has a sharp edge. Katana is made of tough steel which is why it has a sharp cutting edge. The hard steel also makes katana resilient than its counterparts.

The secret behind the strength of katana

Katana is made from the steel that is folded from 8 to 16 times. The folding process of steel is meant to improve the strength of the steel that is used in the production process. It also had several other advantages as well. The steel folding process ensures that the impurities are properly burnt off and are spread across blades instead of getting themselves accumulated at the weak points of the blade. The folding process eliminates the voids from the blade. As a result, it laminates the layers of the blade and makes it tough.

It was necessary to pass the blade through the folding process not because it was the demand of the make of the sword but because Japanese steel was very bad at that time. The folding produced facilitated the sword manufacturers to produce high-quality steel blade.

Tempering the katana

Katana swords were tempered to make them swords brilliant. Tempering can be defined as the process in which you would rapidly cool down a heated metal. When steel is heated, it is malleable. They tempered them with water to make them hard.

The best swords in the world

Katana has the best blades in the world. This is the kind of arguments that people would love to debate on. Some people argue in favor of the rapier while others argue in favor of the katana. Some people believe that anything that comes from the Land of the Rising Sun is elegant and worth-buying. The question is who will be the winner in the war between a rapier and a katana? The best answer to this question is that it depends on your taste. If you like classic things and you have more inclination toward ancient Japanese culture, you should prefer to buy katana as it is the symbol of power, honor, class, and recognition. Even keeping it in the house will add to your class. Your guests will love it when they visit your home for a dinner or breakfast. They will appreciate your taste which will boost up your morale.

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