5 Amazing Ways Of Styling Your Cargo Pants


It seems most of the trends from the ‘90s are coming back to our modern era. This is evident in how claw hair clips, slip dresses, and combat boots are slowly gaining popularity now. This could be the reason why cargo pants can be found everywhere you go. However, these ’90s pants with lots of pockets have gone through a few changes to make them look more modern.

Well, if you’ve caught up with the trend and would like to start rocking these pants, you’ll find this article quite helpful. The pantalon cargo can be styled in various ways as explained in this article. So, sit back, relax, and read on.

5 Helpful Tips

Try wearing cargo pants in slick leather

If you feel that your cargo pants might be too rough around the edges for your intended look, it might be a wise option to try out a slick leather cargo pant instead. The slick and smooth nature of the fabric will give your style a feminine touch even in any color of your choice (red, black, or sand). If you want to add an extra feminine touch, you can rock the cargo pants with a pouf-sleeve blouse.

Rock your cargo pants with combat boots

Now, you might be wondering how you can pull this off without looking like a military person going to war. However, you can pull this off by tapering the pants at the ankle. The boot gives you the lift your normal heels would and it is easy to walk with. To bring this look alive, you can wear a nice coat with a color that matches your pants and combat boots.

Create a unique look by adding unexpected details

To get the most out of your cargo pants, you should treat them and wear them like you would any other pants in your wardrobe. It won’t be a crime to wear a cargo pant that makes a statement or one which is unique. You could go for a cargo pant with two color tones or one with unique details on it. To make this look come alive, keep every other thing simple (your top, heels, and even bag should be simple). This way, the uniqueness of your pant is more visible.

Wear them with a loud sweater or top

Another great way to properly rock your cargo pants will be by pairing your pants with a loud top or sweater. It could be an abstract pattern, a super loud design on the top, or even a loud floral print. The idea here is to wear a top that stands out and adds color to your cargo pants.

Pair your cargo pants with cargo jumpsuits

You can take things up a step further and pair your pants with a cargo jumpsuit with lots of pockets. While you’re at it, do not forget to add a few accessories to the mix. Try wearing heeled boots, and a great-looking bag. You can also add a layer of clothing such as a turtleneck or T-shirt to the mix if you feel like it.

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