How a Well Lit Parking Lot Lowers Crime Rate


Parking lots are a vital structure in most business establishments and companies. Employees, clients, and visitors use them to enter and exit your business. If you have cases where an employee or a client gets assaulted or meets an accident in your parking lot, it might be time for you to evaluate and upgrade your lot lights. In the long run, as the cases pile up, this can hit your reputation badly and may even lead to lawsuits.

Crime scene

Dark parking lots are a favorite crime scene in TV and movies – and it is effective enough in real life. People are afraid to walk to their cars in a dim parking lot when there is nobody around. Muggers lurk in the shadows ready to assault anyone that passes by. Some criminals may even have a specific victim in mind. You can lower the crime rate in your area by having a well-lit parking lot. This discourages criminals from lurking around your property.

Car theft

Cars can get stolen from a dark parking lot too. These are common in areas where cars are parked for hours such as shopping malls, hospitals, event venues, sports centers, and churches. If you know a lot of people are using your parking area at night, investing in brighter lights can make them feel more safe and secure.

Accident-prone areas

Dim parking lots mean low visibility. This can lead to personal injury and vehicular accidents. A client who is visiting your parking lot for the first time is understandably not familiar with the terrain. They may trip on bumps, floor cracks, or leakage from another car. They could also hit other cars or objects in the parking lot as their car pulls out because they are unable to see clearly.

Useless security footage

You may think you are okay with installing security cameras in the area. The thing is, the security footage will be rendered useless if your parking lot is dark. You will have unclear images and it will be hard to identify a criminal or the cause of an accident clearly. Your lighting should be bright enough that clothing, body built, license plate numbers, hair color, and of course facial features can be seen by any witnesses or your footage.

Unwelcoming vibe

If a parking area is not well lit, people will think you have already closed up. They may just drive by and choose to bring their business to your competition. This means lost revenue. Even if you are clearly open, some people might still hesitate because they prefer to park their car in a well-lit area. In these trying times, safety and security are now a priority.

A well-lit parking lot can make a huge difference. Consider getting an evaluation of how your parking lot works during the night time and consider upgrading your lot lights to brighter options. Although lighting alone is not enough to stop crime, it certainly is a great factor in whether a criminal sees your parking lot as a viable spot or not.

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