Sites To Purchase Used Cars In Nigeria


Used cars are now a thing in Nigeria. The average citizen prefers a used car to a new one. Perhaps it is more of a question of the affordability of the old cars. The used market is, therefore, thriving. It also has ripple effects on different verticals, such as the spare parts industry. Getting Nigeria foreign used cars does not have to be challenging if you implement the tips below.

According to a 2015 report released by PwC, the ratio of new cars to the used ones on the market was 2:100. This clearly indicates that most people prefer used to new cars. The report has also stated that the actual size of the market of imported vehicles is currently at 1.4 trillion. About 75 percent of the same are second-hand vehicles. 

 If you intend to purchase a used car in Nigeria, then there are credible sources of sites you can use. That is what we intend to discuss in this blog post.– are you a car enthusiast devoted to finding that dream vehicle online? Are you looking for a top Twitter account dedicated to different automobiles in Nigeria? If your answer is yes, then your search is pointed in the right direction. is a viable site that you should consider checking as soon as possible. The online marketplace offers a broad range of used cars as well as vehicles. They do not really sell these machines directly but are intermediary for the users to purchase as well as sell the used cars, trucks, and bikes. Checki is a community of individuals who have reserved passion for cars.

Car45 – Car45 is a trusted online platform where different sellers, as well as buyers, link up to purchase their preferred used cars. Following detailed and extensive research coupled with verification by the firm’s representatives, the vehicles are usually put on sale immediately.   

With the assistance of this brand online and its devoted team, rest assured that you can quickly get the car of your dreams at an affordable price. Besides, the platform provides people with an opportunity to have an interactive session with the buyer and seller. That way, you can always garner more contacts to associate within your future quest for car-purchasing.– is an online-based platform with several car listings. Over the years, the number of listings has increased. Perhaps it is important to note that is not only specialized in selling used cars but the new ones as well. You can always post your ad on the site for free since the free listings are readily available and limited to specific viewers only.

  Besides, Jiji has a reliable managerial staff to provide extensive services coupled with excellent customer service.  

Final Thoughts

When searching for that car online, you are rest assured to come across different sellers who will underprice the car then point out several faults to cut down the actual price. This can be pretty much annoying. But you also need to have a clear understanding that as a buyer, it is crucial to negotiate.  

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