The Different Vaping Devices Available


A vaping device, also known as an electronic cigarette, is a battery-operated device that emits vapor inhaled by the user. It aims to provide a similar feeling to that of smoking tobacco but without smoke. One of the benefits of using electronic cigarettes is that they offer a smooth transition from traditional cigarettes and reduce smoking. They are also portable therefore very convenient for people to move around with. If you are seeking to buy one, click on wholesale vape supplies for all your vaping needs. We discuss the different vaping devices down below.

The Different Vaping Devices Available

Vaping has become a popular act of smoking and is believed to be safer than using actual cigarettes. The devices have evolved at a high rate to give better products. They include;

1. E-cigs

They are straightforward devices with minimum parts. They have a battery that is rechargeable or disposable plus a disposable e-liquid cartridge. This means that they have no tank to fill.

2. Hookah Pen

It is commonly referred to as a shisha pen. It uses a heating element (atomizer) to vaporize a flavored liquid that is inhaled. It has a cartridge and a rechargeable battery. Hookah pens are very common in the market thus can be easily acquired.

3. Vapes

These are a type of electronic cigarettes used to vaporize substances for inhalation. The vapor is usually flavored steam. Vapes heat dry herbs and liquid nicotine to create the vapor. Their battery life is way better than that of e-cigs since they are bigger hence more power. The user can also fill or refill as they wish.

4. Vape Pens

It’s a power source that heats a cartridge to produce vapor. The pens come as long, thin tubes that look like fancy pens. They have a refillable e-liquid tank and a rechargeable battery. They are pocket-friendly; therefore, people who puff throughout the day find it easier to carry around.

5. Vape Mods

These are modified devices allowing users to customize the substances they use. They are larger than vape pens and produce more vapor. Their large body and battery allow for much more power. Their large size is also a disadvantage because they are not as common as other e-cigarettes. They are rechargeable and reusable.

6. Vaporizers

These are inhalation devices that release active substances through the application of non-combusting heat. They use dry herbs, wax, and oil and can be refilled by the user. Vaporizers are significantly larger than vape pens. It is good to note that all vape pens are (portable) vaporizers, but not all vaporizers are vaping pens. Portable vaporizers are more extensive and tend to produce better quality vapor.


Electronic cigarettes typically deliver vapor made up of nicotine and other flavorings. They come in different forms, shapes, and sizes at affordable prices. With the different types in the market, you can easily choose what best suits you depending on your needs.As a beginner in vaping, it’s easy to get confused by the wide range of products. The information above will help you through and give you a better understanding of each item before buying.

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