The Reasons Why Name Necklaces Are Popular


Name necklaces (namenskette are the most popular type of customized or personalized necklaces. They are often made using gold, brass, stainless steel, or sterling silver on their chains. They are also often embedded or decorated with dazzling and aesthetically appealing fabrics like birthstones and diamonds. In this write-up, we look at the main reasons why name necklaces are popular.

Reasons behind the popularity of name necklaces

Contrary to popular belief, name necklaces are not a new trend. They have existed since the early 80s. During this time, necklaces were a significant part of urban culture. They were also commonly used as an identifier. Over the years, their popularity has increased and declined several times. Currently, name necklaces are quite popular for the following reasons;

1. They are sentimental

The sentimental value of name necklaces is a top reason for their popularity. Most people wear name necklaces with their names on them. However, other people wear the names of their children, spouses, pets, and other important people in their life. For most people, having their name or the name of someone they love hanging close to a heart features a significant sentimental value.

2. Celebrities wear them

Celebrities are perhaps the most influential people in existence. People often want to do things that celebrities so that they can be associated with them somehow. In the case of name necklaces, celebrities like Beyonce and Kate Middleton have been photographed and spotted with name necklaces.

Naturally, their followers have adopted the trend also. Other international celebrities like Nicky Minaj and BTS have been spotted adorning name necklaces with their music albums and tracks’ titles. Naturally, these celebrities have also increased and influenced a new way of wearing name necklaces.

3. Contemporary name necklace designs

Name necklaces have also become popular because of the creative designs currently available. Jewelers and designers go the extra mile to create magnificent name necklace designs. They use materials like diamonds and gemstones to make the jewelry more dazzling and attractive. Most people do not like to wear items that are too popular that they look like uniforms. Therefore, the fact that name necklaces are currently available in a wide range of designs and styles attracts more people.

The new designs and styles can also be attributed to the improved jewelry-making technology. Technology like 3D, metal cutting tools, and increased materials have made it possible for creators to explore their creativity when creating necklace designs. Technology has also made customization possible.

4. Ease of manufacturing and designing

As mentioned before, technology has introduced numerous designing and manufacturing opportunities. The internet features designing tools where buyers can select their custom name necklaces’ designs and have them made. Therefore, people do not need to sketch their designs anymore.


Other than name necklaces, other popular types of personalized necklaces are lockets, pendant necklaces, and engraved necklaces. When choosing the best-personalized necklaces, you should consider elements like the material, cost, and design. The wearer of the necklace is also a mandatory element to consider. Anyone can wear personalized chains or necklaces. Traditionally, they were common among women. However, currently, men also wear them.

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