Tips for proper face mask usage and maintenance


It’s no news that the corona pandemic is sweeping through the corners of the earth like a whirlwind. The viral infection has become uncomfortably popular due to its rampant spread. Even though measures are being put in place to check its spread, some loopholes are left unplugged.

One of such loopholes is associated with the proper use of a medical face mask. Many persons still do not know the exact ways in which they are required to wear these masks. If you somehow fall into this category, this article serves as a guide to help you through the right use and maintenance of your masks.

Always check for tears and loose ends.

Your face mask is meant to serve as a screen for shutting out particles and droplets that are likely to come in contact with your face. The purpose of wearing the face mask becomes defeated when there are one or two holes on the mask. You must inspect the mask for such tears every time you wish to put it on.

Limit your contact with the mask

Many persons are in the habit of always trying to adjust their mask with their bare hands, and this is entirely wrong. Your face mask is meant to prevent the virus from reaching your face; some of such harmful particles eventually settle on the surface of your mask. You could be putting yourself in harm’s way when you touch your mask severally without taking necessary precautions.

Sanitize your hands before and after touching your mask

It’s been observed that the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for up to seven days, masks inclusive. There’s a high tendency that you might touch your face or nose after you must have removed your mask and this could be quite hazardous. It’ll be unsafe to remove your mask from your face without sanitizing afterward. The usual procedure involves using an alcohol-based sanitizer right before you wear the mask and immediately after you fit it on your face.

Ensure a tight fit

Masks are designed to cover both your face and your mouth without any gaps. It’s guaranteed that you are likely to prioritize your comfort, but a mask that fits well shouldn’t make you uncomfortable. Here are a few steps to help you through the process of fitting the mask;

Place the mask over your face with focus on your nose and mouth

  • Tie the straps around your ears, one at a time
  • Fit the nose clip around your nose to ensure there are no loose gaps
  • Draw the lower end of the mask below your chin

Final thoughts

The use of medical face masks is something you’re probably not used to; however, it has become necessary to employ its use meticulously. This article guides you through some of the essential steps to take to ensure you’re using your face mask the right way.

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