How to go from 1k to 10k Coins in the Shortest Possible Time?


FIFA 20 FUT is a game of football knowledge, persistence, and strategy. The more knowledgeable you are in the game of football, you have better chances to be successful.

At the same time, it is not just the football knowledge that matters in FIFA 20 FUT. You also need to be good at trading for profit. 

Excellent football knowledge combined with a profound sense of trading is the winning combination to get you at the very top of FIFA 20 FUT.

The most difficult part

Like most things in life, getting started on the right foot is the most challenging part. Growing your first 1k coins into 10k coins is a common struggle for most beginners. 

In the beginning, it is important to grab all the free FUT coins that are at your disposal, take advantage of every promotion, every opportunity that has free or easy coins written on it. 

All that will brings you some extra coins on your account. However, the real coin collecting starts with tactics like the ones that follow.

Our Method (case study)

This method has proven effective time after time. It has been used since FIFA 18 and it works perfectly until the present day. The main idea is to know the real value of a certain football player. 

To paint a better picture of how it works, we will use the case of Fabian Delph. 

Fabian (non-rare card) always had good all-around stats, even before his England call up. 

Once you identify a target as we did back in the days with Fabian, start looking for a max buys now price that is two or three hundred coins cheaper than his real price. The probable outcome of that will be a message saying that there aren’t any matching results.

And guess what, that’s okay!

Just click the OK button, and let it be for around 20 seconds. Then make the same query featuring the same price point. Repeat that couple of times. There is a pretty strong chance that at one point at least one will appear. When it appears, don’t hesitate and buy right away. If there is another one, buy it, too. Buy as many as you can!

We bought 60 Fabians from the 55th to the 59th minute. That’s 60 Fabians valued each from 450 to 500 coins.  

After a while, we sold our Fabian’s for 700 to 750 BIN. Roughly, our profit was around 300 coins per Fabian. The total profit was 300 x 60 Fabians = 18,000 coins. 

This same method can be also used for trading basic chemistry styles, too. On average, you will need to pay a bit more, but that also means the profits will be much higher. If you are fast enough, you can snap a player with the right style such as Anchor, Hawk, or Engine for 600 to 700 coins. 

Afterwards, you can easily ask for 1,300 or 1,400 BIN. The profit will be quite substantial.  

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