Want A Good Car-Creeper Seat? Features to Look for


The creeper seat was created to make repair work around automobiles much easier. The compact sit-on creeper has balanced proportions and ideal height. These are the top features that make it a customer favorite. You no longer have to stay standing when working on an automobile if you’re tired. Some creeper seats are made as rolling seats meant to provide a good sitting position. Others are designed with the combination of rolling benches that offer the possibility of sliding beneath the vehicle.

You don’t want to come home with a seat that later leaves your body with aches. The point is to make yourself comfortable while working around the garage. The Features of a good creeper seat are discussed below.

1, Construction Materials

Creeper seats come in different materials, including plastic, metal, and plywood. Metal and plastic last longer and are more durable compared to plywood. Of the three, plastic is molded to offer the most comfort.

2, Portability

A heavy creeper seat can be bulky and difficult to move around, especially for professional mechanics who are always on calls for automobile repairs. If possible, always go for a portable creeper seat.

3. Padding

Comfortability is a top goal for anyone planning to get a creeper seat. More padding means the more comfortable the creeper is. High performance is always a direct result of comfort in the garage.

4. Height and Weight

The creeper seat should be especially suitable for your height and weight. The creeper seat’s weight varies from as low as 175 pounds to as much as 450 pounds. The length ranges between 36 inches to 40 inches and the width from 14 inches to 26 inches. You always want to work while comfortable.

5. Tool Tray

Having been designed for mechanics and any individual doing mechanical work, it’s only fair that the seat comes with a toolbox. The toolbox provides an easy and ready reach even if you’re working beneath the car. The toolbox could be magnetic in some cases, making the tools stick together even when you’re moving around.

6. Clearance

As mentioned earlier, a low-profile creeper seat allows you to slide under the car and have enough room to work with. The seat has a height range of 2,75 inches to 5 inches from the floor up to the frame. The height is dependent on the job type.

Additional Safety Information on Creepers

  1. Never use a jack alone without a stand. The jack stand offers more solid support whenever the vehicle is raised. The stand has helped prevent a lot of garage accidents.
  2. It is recommended that you always use the toolbox that comes with the seat and not hold your chest tools when working.
  3. Always protect yourself by wearing safety gear for the hands, eyes, and ears.
  4. Always keep your creeper seat stored by hanging with the wheels up against the wall. You can also keep it safely at a spot on the floor, away from other individuals.

Final Thoughts

Your choice creeper seat should bring comfort and convenience to you. The seat should be able to accommodate your weight efficiently and be durable enough to serve you well. A proper creeper seat shouldn’t be too heavy either and must always come with a toolbox. With all these considerations, getting a proper creeper tool should be easy.

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