Interesting Facts About Electric Motorcycle


Electric motorcycles are here to stay. Their benefits outweigh their drawbacks, such as charging time, battery range, and cost. Electric motorcycle manufacturers have been making different models, and with an increase in competition, you can expect their cost to drop in the future. Also, advancements in technology can help solve problems of charging time and range. For instance, Horwin electric motorcycle is one of the most advanced electric bikes on the market. In fact, rapid charging systems are being developed.

Torque and Power

As a rider, you will love an electric motorcycle that is fast. With the 100% instant torque, you can enjoy rapid acceleration. However, you will not get the surge feeling that is associated with regular bikes because the torque delivered is linear. Does this really even matter? You will find it fun to ride the bike around town and to work.

Friendly to the Environment

The truth is that an electric motorcycle does not produce smoke. That is because it does not have a combustion engine and does not use fuel. Therefore, you will find it to be useful in city commuting as it does not produce smoke.

Some people argue that manufacturing electric vehicles require a lot of resources and utilize non-renewable energy sources. Fortunately, manufacturing techniques are being improved, and batteries used can be recycled. Also, you can use solar energy to charge your electric motorcycle.


Although some riders like the noise of the exhaust, some people do not. In fact, most people find the noise to be annoying and antisocial. If you love listening to your favorite hits when on the move, then you will fall in love with an electric motorcycle. That is because electric motorbikes are silent. Some argue they are dangerous as they cannot hear them approaching. Some manufacturers are now adding artificial noise.


Electric motorcycle manufacturers utilize lightweight materials and components. Moreover, they keep coming up with and trying new aerodynamic designs. The new technologies are quite helpful and more advantageous than regular bikes.

Easy Commuting

Although most riders are using electric motorcycles for long trips, touring is not their main purpose. These bikes are designed for city riding because they recharge their batteries by regenerative braking. Long road trips deplete the battery quickly.

Save Money

Although the main drawback of the electric motorcycle is the high price, you can save a lot of money in the long-term. You can even save more if you use solar energy to recharge your bike. If you commute every day to work, you are probably spending a lot of money each month. Other than saving on fuel, many governments are offering tax incentives for electric motorcycle users. Therefore, you can have more money to spend on the things you love.

Lower Maintenance

An electric motorcycle does not have oil, timing belt, filters, or even a gearbox. Therefore, there is not much to maintain or replace. Ideally, you only need to replace tires, brake fluids, and brake pads. Since the electric motor does the braking, you can be assured that your brake pads last longer. Other than saving time, you can save more money as you do not have to purchase consumables.

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