Five Popular Mounting Methods For Hose Reels


The Giraffe Retractable heavy-duty hose reel for the garden is one of the best hose reel designs in the market. It features a wall-mounted design with a 180° swivel bracket. The product features an incredible design and a wall mounting technique. In this post, we look at other hose reel mounting techniques.

Hose reel mounting techniques

Hose reels can be mounted in various ways. The mounting method usually depends on the type and hose reel design. Below are some popular mounting methods for hose reels;

1. Wall mounting

This is the most popular mounting technique for hose reels. It is applicable in a wide range of areas, mostly in garden hoses. Wall-mounted hose reels relatively easy to use. They are also straightforward to mount or install. Wall-mounted hose reels usually come with a locking pin on which they are hinged. The role of the locking pin is to ensure that the hose is angled appropriately to the application. Wall-mounted hose reels are excellent for applications where there is limited floor space. They make usage of hoses relatively easily, and that is why they are applied in various industries.

2. Freestanding mounting

Freestanding hose reels are usually permanently located close to their application. Freestanding mounting designs are primarily applied in industries. They are generally characterized by the fact that they are made from sturdy materials like aluminum and stainless steel. Since their installation position is permanent, they are prone to vulnerabilities like corrosion and rust.

For such a reason, these hose reel materials are usually coated to prevent such issues. Most freestanding hose reels also have a frame design that allows you to install them on the wall, truck, or trailer, depending on the application.

3. Post mounting

Post-mounted hose reels are very similar to their wall-mounted counterparts. As the name suggests, these hose reels are typically mounted on posts. The posts are generally located closer to the area of application. These hose reels also come in varying styles. For instance, there are hinged and immovable post-mounted hose reels.

4. Ceiling mounting

As the name suggests, this method involves mounting the hose reel on the ceiling. The ceiling mounting technique is an excellent choice for people that do not have enough adequate floor or wall space. This type of mounting is not as common for garden reels. Instead, it is used in auto and welding shops. In these applications, this method allows for easy access to the hose.

5. Mobile mounting

Mobile-mounted hose reels come in a wide range of styles and designs. They also come in a wide range of varieties. For instance, there are cart, truck, trailer, and ship-mounted mobile hose reels. Hose reels with this mounting technique are popularly applied in firefighting and airplane fueling. Their popularity in these and more industries can be attributed to the fact that they make it easy to use the hose in several locations.


When choosing the best hose reel based on its mounting technique, it would be best to consider factors like the area of application or industry, price, material, and ease of use. It would also help if you considered the benefits and drawbacks of each mounting technique.

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