Most Suitable Artificial Plants for Lawn Use


House owners often aim to improve the aesthetic value of their homes. So, they usually incorporate the use of certain items to aid their mission. Some of these items can include Lights, Plants, Statues, etc. The most common item in use is plants because they give homes a more natural look.

The introduction of artificial plants eliminates the trouble and special care required to maintain natural plants, while still adding to the beauty of the home and giving it a natural appeal. These plants can be used both outside and inside the house. In this article, we will highlight the best types of artificial plants for lawns(outdoors).

Factors To Consider When Acquiring Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants for outdoor/indoor use are all influenced by certain factors that help in improving the beauty of a house.

  • It is important to consider the quality of the material with which the plants are made. Artificial plants exist in either synthetic fiber(plastic) or silk(cloth). Synthetic fibers are best suited for outdoor decorations.
  • If the house owner accommodates kids or pets, synthetic fiber plants are best suited as they are designed to endure higher strain compared to silk plants.
  • Synthetic fiber plants are best suited for outdoor purposes because they are less likely to be affected by ultra-violet rays from the sun.
  • When acquiring artificial plants for lawns, bear in mind that the lawn will be exposed to rain and water from other sources. Hence, plastic plants are most ideal. Also consider the thickness of the mold used in the plants, because thicker molds tend to store water which could prove harmful to the appearance of the lawn.
  • If your choice of plant for your lawn is artificial grass, then it is important to consider the thickness of the fiber. As thin fiber does not give the lawn a natural look but makes the grass look more like a mat.

Best Types Of Artificial Plants

  1. Plastic Plants: These plants exist in different qualities, and are mostly used for plants that will be used outdoors (like grass, tree, and flowers). They are better suited for outdoor purposes due to their high resistance rate and durability.
  2. Silk Plants: These plants also exist in different qualities, and some qualities also serve well outdoors. But due to their high tendency to wear out quickly and tear, they are best suited for indoor designs.

Uses Of Artificial Lawns

  • Show lawns are used to improve the aesthetic of a garden while reducing maintenance costs.
  • The family lawn(play area) accommodates a high number of people, therefore it has a high usage besides adding beauty.
  • Pet-friendly lawns are used to make pets more comfortable around the home.


Generally, the artificial plants better suited for your lawn largely depend on the activities you carry out there. You can use artificial grasses for a more natural appeal, and they can also be augmented with trees and flowers. Remember that the materials are a major consideration, and regular maintenance will go a long way to improve these artificial plants.

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