Health Benefits of Investing in a Garden Hose


While a garden hose makes your garden all fresh and beautiful, it is not the only goal. Gardening and hence garden hose are known to have many benefits in the health of an individual. Having a hose reel is even more beneficial

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Health Benefits of Gardening and Garden Hose

Health they say is wealth. Therefore a sick man is a poor man. Below are some of the benefits of investing in a garden hose.

1. It Builds Arm Strength

When you water the garden using a hose, you will often be required to move the host from place to place with your arms. This is one great form of exercise as the arm is strengthened during this process.

Secondly, when you are involved in an outdoor activity, your skin comes in contact with the sun helping the body to synthesize vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin required for the absorption of calcium in the body.

What this means is that the more the vitamin D produced, the more calcium absorbed and hence the greater the efficiency in bone formation. Other sources of vitamin D include milk and fish.

2. It Improve Your Eating Habit

Apart from having the opportunity to exercise physically, gardening helps improve your eating habits. How does this work? You are likely to consume more food when you are part of the production process.

Healthy nutrition requires that you eat a sizable amount of fruits and vegetables every day. Now imagine having those things at the back of your yard within your reach. Of course, you wouldn’t hesitate to enjoy the sweetness of fruits and veggies all year round.

3. Stress Relief and Self-esteem

Gardening is one way of easing the mind and getting the mind off stressful situations. This becomes even more effective when you do it with a garden hose, especially the lightweight and flexible ones.

It has been reported that individuals who have gardening as their hobby live a less stressful life compared to others. This is evident in the low level of cortisol in their system.

Note that a high level of cortisol is associated with poor immune function, heart diseases, obesity, and some types of learning disabilities.

Also, the use of a gardening hose and gardening helps to improve one’s self-esteem. What could be more satisfying than seeing a little seedling grow into a full plant and knowing somewhere in your heart that you have made a positive contribution?

4. It Helps to Improve Mental Health

Research has shown that the view and feel of natural plant life have therapeutic effects for mentally ill individuals. Gardening is an activity that can automatically lift your mood.

Planting a variety of beautiful, colorful, and nicely scented plants nourishes the sense organs and hence improves the mental health of an individual.


Having gone through the benefits of gardening, you will agree that getting a garden hose for your garden isn’t something to think twice before doing. Remember using the right garden hose produces a more effective result.

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