How is it Trading With ICM Capital?


ICM Capital is a forex broker that provides traders with access to a trading platform and multiple accounts. Traders are offered access to several instruments in the market like shares, different currencies, and indices. The platform mainly deals with forex traders but is also open to commodity traders who trade with metals and energies. The Financial Conduct Authority regulates it and complies with its regulations, ensuring client satisfaction. In this post, we discuss the trading experience of ICM Capital.

Trading Experience of ICM Capital

The trading platform has many people using it to create good trade deals, make profits, and minimize losses. The demo account helps to familiarize with the platform and feel how the live account will be. So how’s the experience like?

1. Trading Platform

There are two MetaTrader platforms, and ICM Capital offers the most popular one ir MetaTrader 4. MT4 is straightforward, reliable, and ideal for beginners compared to MT5. It’s a direct platform that is custom-made to include platforms you can download on MAC and Windows devices. It also has apps for use on IOS and Android; hence you can trade from any device and monitor and execute your trades easily.

2. Trade Execution

All brokers provide you with a minimum trade lot, depending on their requirements. As for ICM Capital, you can only execute a minimum of 0.01 lots per trade. However, different accounts have different lot sizes, and also the instrument contributes to the size. This trading platform has tight spreads of 0.0 pips caused by the execution of ECN and STP. ICM Capital requires a low minimum trade and offers commission-free trades. The price you order your trade at is exactly what you get because there are no requotes. Different accounts are offered to clients, such as the demo account, mini, standard, managed, ECN, and Islamic accounts. You can fund your accounts through bank transfers, credit cards, and Neteller.

3. Customer Service and Support

Good customer relations are essential to maintain their number and also earn a good reputation. ICM Capital supports its clients fully, ensuring they have what they need all the time. It also supports several languages, thus ruling out the language barrier between them and the customers. It accommodates languages like Chinese, Spanish, English, and Arabic.

4. Accounting Opening With ICM Capital

You must go through a compliance check to understand the risks of trading and if you are allowed to trade. You will need a copy of your ID, passport, driver’s license, and a bank or utility statement from the past three months. The broker will pose a few questions to you to know your level of expertise, and if you pass, you can now trade on their platform. It’s important to note that ICM Capital may take a few days to go through your compliance and give the results.


Trading with ICM Capital is a good experience. Few requirements are needed, and the platform is easy and efficient to use. The best part is that no requotes are offered, and you get your trade as ordered.

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